“Dark Knight” .. pin-up art by Kevin Eastman (( 1985 ))

"Dark Knight" .. pin-up art by Kevin Eastman (( 1985 ))

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Thanks Ras ::

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” TMNT – A COLLECTION ;http://www.tmnt-ninjaturtles.com/

The Most Complete

and professionally cataloged collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and memorabilia” Also from **Rich’s Comic Blog schedule, going well into the 2nd and on to the 3rd quarter of the year :

** Upcoming TMNT Comics ** – updated APR 24 – 16:11 MDT

(dates subject to change)

April, 2014 09TMNT Color Classics, Vol. 2 #6 23TMNT New Animated Adventures #10; TMNT #33; TMNT Adventures, Vol. 7 TPB

May, 2014 07TMNT Color Classics, Vol. 2 #7; Tales of the TMNT, Vol. 4 TPB; TMNT New Animated Adventures, Vol. 2 TPB 14TMNT New Animated Adventures #11; TMNT Classics, Vol. 8 TPB; 21TMNT #34 28TMNT 30th Anniversary Special; TMNT Annual 2012 Deluxe Limited Edition HC

June, 2014 11TMNT New Animated Adventures #12; TMNT Heroes Collection Oversized HC; TMNT, Vol. 8: Northampton TPB 18TMNT: Turtles In Time #1; TMNT Animated, Vol. 4 TPB 25TMNT #35; TMNT Annual 2014

July, 2014 02TMNT, Vol. 1: Change Is Constant 2014 TPB; TMNT Micro-Series, Vol. 1 2014 TPB; Tales of the TMNT, Vol. 5 TPB 09TMNT New Animated Adventures #13 16TMNT: Turtles In Time #2; TMNT: Utrom Empire, Vol. 1 TPB; TMNT Original Motion Picture Special Edition HC 30TMNT #36

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I was heading out to do some grocery shopping this afternoon when I decided to do a quick check of email on my phone. I was not expecting it, but one of the messages was from the local printer who was handling the printing of TMNT #32. He said the books were all printed, and I could come and pick them up.

Which I did. And here they are.


NT Volume 4, #31 can still be seen on this blog at the following URL: **http://peterlairdstmntblog.blogspot.com/2010/10/tmnt-volume-4-31.html

There is a very good chance that #31 will see a physical printing, but it probably won’t be for a few months. .. ..

I think the plan is for Shellback to have exclusive sales for a short time, then the remainder of the copies will go on sale via the ***Mirage website. — PL

 Take a look at the Laird, Eastman, Lavigne FCBD collaborative print !! !! l SHELLBACK ARTWORKS :: "TMNT v. SHREDDER"  exclusive print for Free Comic Book Day 2014 // .. cleaned inking by LAIRD

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SHELLBACK ARTWORKS :: "TMNT v. SHREDDER"  exclusive print for Free Comic Book Day 2014 // .. color by Lavigne (( 20

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  • In from Kevin ..
.. .. I’ll be signing in Rochester NH at JETPACK COMICS FCBD extravaganza from 10-12:30 and then Peter Laird will be joining us too from 1-4

We are very excited about this event and looking forward to seeing so many of you then.  Complete details of the event, times, limited editions stuff, directions etc. can be found by clicking here

On Sunday May 4 Peter and me along with Jim Lawson and Steve Lavigne will be signing at Steves awesome gallery/store in Wells Maine.

*** Shellback Artworks is on Rt 1 in Wells.  Visit them on Facebook.

.. ..

We are in Calgary this weekend at Stampede Park for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo     — KE

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THE TOYS TIME FORGOT :: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY; WIN "RAPHAEL vs. SCRATCH" ORIGINAL art raffle, 'MEET SCRATCH IN PERSON !' ..pencils by Bruce Hatten, inks RYAN BROWN // ..promo poster (( 2014 ))

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.. 11″ by 17″

EMAIL danhare@sbcglobal.net to enter; “Raphael vs. Scratch Contest Entry” in the subject line of your entry.

*YEP, it’s not a gag.. MEET SCRATCH – LIVE AND IN PERSON !! Ryan Brown set his bail of $40,000 in catnip !! More info on this as i get it !! !!

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137 E. Cherry St. Canal

Fulton,OH 44614

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“Win this original artwork! Penciled by Bruce Hatten and inked by Scratch creator, Ryan Brown. Entries will be accepted between now and Noon EST May 3rd, 2014. Entries must include your name, current address, phone number and e-mail address.


Entries should be e-mailed to: danhare@sbcglobal.net


Please include “ Raphael vs. Scratch Contest Entry ” in the subject line. You may also mail your name, address and phone number on a postcard to: Raphael vs. Scratch Contest Entry 137 Cherry St E, Canal Fulton, OH 44614 Remember your entry must arrive before Noon EST May 3rd, 2014 to be eligible for the drawing so don’t delay! The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on May 3rd, 2014 Second prize is an autographed limited edition print with certificate of authenticity. Good luck everyone!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all related characters ©2014 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles®, including Raphael®, Michelangelo®, Leonardo®, Donatello®, and April O’Neil® are registered trademarks of Viacom International Inc.
Based on characters and comic books created by Peter A. Laird, Kevin B. Eastman. SCRATCH created by Ryan Brown.


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FCBD: GGM at Jetpack Comics and Shellback Artworks


Well, this Saturday I’ll be roaming around both at JetPack Comics in Rochester, NH as well as Shellback Artworks in Wells, ME. 🙂

I’ll be around in a black shirt and red hair bandanna taking photos – if you see me, stop over and say hi!

For those that can’t be in the Northeast, I’ll be doing a write-up on the day, and review on the new TMNT Animated Adventures comic, and whatever else I can find… maybe a giveway, if I can beat the crowds. 🙂
~ Machias

HEAVY METAL Presents: The ART of 88 – ‘AGENT 88 & Daughter 69’ by KEVIN EASTMAN / KEV @ JETPACK on FCBD

HEAVY METAL Presents: The ART of 88 - 'AGENT 88 & Daughter 69' by KEVIN EASTMAN  (( 2012 ))

HEAVY METAL Presents: The ART of 88 – ‘AGENT 88 & Daughter 69’ by KEVIN EASTMAN  (( 2012 ))

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“Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Heavy Metal) is flying in for the event. This Eastman 88/69 print is one of the first 4 Limited Edition prints Petra Gallerie is proudly launching with. All of them limited to 88, as if you didn’t already know. Signings will run on and off until 1 am.”

HEAVY METAL Presents: The ART of 88 - rsvp_thanks  (( 2013 ))


 **** THE ART OF 88 R.S.V.P. ****

Agent 88 © and ™ 2013 88 Tranzmedia


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Related note ::

Saturday MAY 4th  FREE COMIC BOOK DAY TAKES PLACE ALL OVER ROCHESTER ON SATURDAY MAY 2nd  10 am - 4 pm all over Rochester! **KEVIN EASTMAN @ JETPACK COMICS , FREE COMIC BOOK DAY There’s a limited amount of FREEBIES at Kevin’s table.  That’s right.  The NH co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be the guest of honor for this years Rochester, NH  Free Comic Book Day Festival.  People are flying in from all over the country to meet this superstar.  We expect the lines to be long so we are going to have to place limits on how many things you can get signed.  If you have more than the limit please feel free to jump back in line and do it all over again.  We just want to be fair to everyone that wants to visit Kevin.  PLEASE NOTE: Sketches will not be available that day.  Too many people and not enough time.  Of course there will be a vendor table of great Eastman works that you can get signed at the event hall.

*** The MILE-HIGH TURTLE GUY, RICH of TMNT-Ninjaturtles is gona be there in New Hampshire as well !! Be sure to say hi for Tokka !! !! 😀

~ t

Mark your Calendars – FCBD!

My fellow fans!

We’ve got our very first official announcements straight from the Shellback’s mouth!

Shellback Artworks in Wells, ME will have a few special guests Peter Laird, Jim Lawson and at least one other mystery guest…

AND… At Jetpack Comics in Rochester, NH, Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz will be prowling about. So get ready to dress up, grab your shwag and have a good time!