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–>> ** AGENT 88 KICKSTARTS into her final hours for support, raising the last funds needed to finalize post-production on a one-of-a kind, hysterical ACTION-ROMP by Art Asylum founder DIGGER T. Mesch.

The much talked about & anticipated web series about worlds’ deadliest Assassin who also happens to be an 88 British Dame of shopping cart eloquence & an Alzheimer’s sufferer.

88 post-production supervisor & TMNT fan, Santino Ramos will also be acting in the series – and has pulled out the big guns; as mentioned earlier .. Ernie Reyes Jr.!!

For the first time ever these literal BROTHERS-IN-ARMS will be acting and working on the project together !!

** AGENT 88 has some killer incentives for you – including limited edition 88 Mini-Mates, DVDs, Hoodies & Tees, and the exciting “ART OF 88” from Heavy Metal !! With Kevin Eastman, Simon Bisley, David Mack, Kay D’arcy, Peter Mayhew, ( n’ some psychotic Snapper you just might just know & loathe ) and so many more behind the project .. you just can’t go wrong !!

Every little bit helps !! But this is YOUR LAST CHANCE TO JOIN IN !!

HEAVY METAL Presents: The ART of 88 - Shoppin' Buggy Shredder
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“DRAW TOKKA A FOOT SOLDIER n’ MAYBE HE’LL SHUT UP” by Kevin Eastman (( 2012 ))

San Diego Comic-Con 2012; HEAVT METAL BOOTH /  Tokka presents Kevin Eastman tOkKustom :: "OLD HOB" TRIKKY

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tOkKustom ::

San Diego Comic-Con 2012; HEAVT METAL BOOTH /   Miki Ivey, Kevin Eastman, tOkKa & tOkKustom :: "OLD HOB" TRIKKY Miki Ivey & Tokka present Kevin with the tOKKustom ‘OLD HOB’ Trikky !!

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"DRAW TOKKA A FOOT SOLDIER n' MAYBE HE'LL SHUT UP" by Kevin Eastman  (( 2012 ))

** View LARGE On Black **

..Tokka will shut up now.

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“SHRED-HEAD” by Simon Bisley (( 2012 ))

Guess who ??

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–>> Simon Bisley is all BIZ-“ness”, grunts n’ giggles and bad-@$*.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012; HEAVT METAL BOOTH / BIZ DRAWS


..and he’ll crush you !! 2 1/2 weeks + on .. Tokka’s just now getting the feeling back in his right hand. >X{


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"SHRED-HEAD" by Simon Bisley (( 2012 ))

** View LARGE On Black **

4 new TMNT25 Reprints by Heavy Metal.

According to Kevin, these books have more content and 4 different covers. As with the first print, when they’re gone, they are gone. Pre-order yours here!

Fair warning: The shopping cart that HM uses doesn’t distinguish between a pre-order and a retail sale, so it will charge you up front.

Fist Full of Kevin Eastman!

Please Be 18 years of age or older to click on any of the links in this post.


If you are like me (and God help you if you are), you check the Heavy Metal Website every couple of days and wonder when in the heck is Kevin going to update his blog (last time we saw an update was prior to SDCC09). WELL WAIT NO LONGER MY FRIENDS! Today, not only did Kevin Update his blog, but the entire Heavy Metal Site as well! You can either click the pic to read it yourself, or continue to read if you’d like to to pull our the bits that you (as a TMNT fan) probably care about.

Still with me?… K!

“…like rebuilding the entire Heavy metal site from the foundation up—and which if my timing is right, after a year’s work—you’re looking at it right now! …So with all that now in place, you can now expect to see a ton of new things we’ll be adding; more artists, more comics, more behind the scenes previews, contests, apps—so if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, do so now so you don’t miss out on the updates.”

If I were you, I would go sign up for that newsletter. We may get some neato Turtles Stuff in the future!

“Basically in the past, as it would take me a while get a new update posted I would try to make it as huge as I could to make it worth the wait—but this one will be the last one like that—as I want to get up here every Sunday night, post a simpler blog/update of what has happened over the week and what’s coming up—and then hit the message boards for an hour or so. So, if not before, right after the holidays, expect to see a lot more of me in both places.

Lastly, a few months ago I started a Kevin Eastman/Heavy Metal Facebook page—just to reach out to a number of other fans that haven’t made it over to the Heavy Metal website, and/or prefer to chat/update in another kind of forum. Updates and discussions over there will be a little less HM focused—and many Heavy Metal artists and fans have already found me there. So, maybe I’ll see some of you in both places!”

So this basically means that Kevin is going to endevour to increase his online presence SUBSTANTIALLY! So if you have had trouble getting ahold of him in the past, this may be a light at the end of the tunnel for you. However; I DON’T think this is any excuse for the fanbase to decide to MOB him with questions or those stupid facebook aps we all hate so damn much (I don’t CARE if you threw a freakin’ pilllow at me!). But that is my personal opinion… use your best judgement obviously. If you would like to add Kevin as a Facebook friend, you may do so here.

If you’re interested in Heavy Metaly stuff, I suggest going back and reading the whole post on his blog.