Workin’ Fans’ UPDATE :: The Art of 88 continues & hits Heavy Metal this summer, TMNT OotS, COMIX – ‘EVIL’ Leo et. al.

HEAVY METAL Presents: The ART of 88 - Kay D’Arcy;AGENT 88 & Tokka   (( 05.11.2013 ))

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AGENT 88: THE ART OF 88 opening night was a huge success and we’re going to continue screening for the next 3 weeks. If you’re available to come down to the screenings please do. Included here you’ll find an invite to the May 30th screening and below are the remaining dates at Petra Gallerie are as follows:

  • Thursday May 30th 7 til 11pm
  • Thursday June 6th 7 til 11pm
  • Wednesday June 19th 7 til 11pm

HEAVY METAL Presents: The ART of 88 - Kevin Eastman & Tokka   (( 05.11.2013 ))

Every evening is a bit different in that the artists that are signing books and prints from 7:00 til 8:30 are different each week as well as the Live Talent performing between screenings.

We’ve included some shots from the event, where we we had the pleasure of seeing quite a few of you. Some that flew in from as far away from Japan, U.K, Hong Kong and from around the USA. It was …..Mind Blowing are the words I think I’m looking for. All 561 backers had their names up on the big screen for the first time and it was a great feeling to see how far all this has come and where it all started…with you.

HEAVY METAL Presents: The ART of 88 - Santino Ramos & Tokka   (( 05.11.2013 )) [[ Courtesy of DIGGER ]]

More news soon- ( including AGENT 88 Short comic stories in HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE this summer !! ~ t )

Thanks for the leap of faith!

DIgger and Jan

“As long as I am breathing, in my eyes, I am just beginning.” ― Criss Jami

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"TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES : OUT OF THE SHADOWS" //  ..cover photo (( 2013 ))  [[ Courtesy of Activision  ]]


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Your Majestic Mile-High Colorado Comicbook week UPDATES courtesy of **Rich ::

!!** “TMNT #25 Cover Reveals Leonardo’s Foot Clan Costume “

May 22TMNT Color Classics: The Works, Vol. 1 HC; TMNT Villain Micro-Series #2 Baxter Stockman ; **BAXTER preview

May 29TMNT #22, **22 Preview ,***TOM WALTZ talks ‘CITY FALL’


June, 2013

05TMNT Color Classics #11; TMNT Classics, Vol. 5 TPB

12Secret History of the Foot Clan TPB

19TMNT Villain Micro-Series #3 Old Hob

26TMNT #23


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–>> ** AGENT 88 KICKSTARTS into her final hours for support, raising the last funds needed to finalize post-production on a one-of-a kind, hysterical ACTION-ROMP by Art Asylum founder DIGGER T. Mesch.

The much talked about & anticipated web series about worlds’ deadliest Assassin who also happens to be an 88 British Dame of shopping cart eloquence & an Alzheimer’s sufferer.

88 post-production supervisor & TMNT fan, Santino Ramos will also be acting in the series – and has pulled out the big guns; as mentioned earlier .. Ernie Reyes Jr.!!

For the first time ever these literal BROTHERS-IN-ARMS will be acting and working on the project together !!

** AGENT 88 has some killer incentives for you – including limited edition 88 Mini-Mates, DVDs, Hoodies & Tees, and the exciting “ART OF 88” from Heavy Metal !! With Kevin Eastman, Simon Bisley, David Mack, Kay D’arcy, Peter Mayhew, ( n’ some psychotic Snapper you just might just know & loathe ) and so many more behind the project .. you just can’t go wrong !!

Every little bit helps !! But this is YOUR LAST CHANCE TO JOIN IN !!

HEAVY METAL Presents: The ART of 88 - Shoppin' Buggy Shredder
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