TurtleDoc Update: TMNT Cast Interviews


Hi everyone! Tonight I am blogging on behalf of myself, Isaac, and the rest of the TurtleDoc Crew. Today…for me…was the perfect day. Isaac, Myself, and his crew spent the entire day at the Beverly Hills Eastman estate to interview practically the entire original voice cast of the 90’s Turtles cartoon (Plus Brian Tochi, the voice of Leonardo from the films!)

I arrived at the house at about 11 am (WITH DONUTS!). When I arrived, Brian Tochi (Leonardo – Films) and Barry Gordon (Donatello) were already there with Isaac and Crew. Rob Paulsen (Raphael) soon arrived.


While Brian was getting solo interviewed, I stole Rob and Barry away to our Greenroom. Townsend Coleman (Mikey) soon joined us…They were all so happy! Some of them not having seen each other in a great many years!




Over the course of a couple hours, everyone else showed up…most of whom felt as if this was a reunion for which they were very grateful for. Soon Renae Jacobs (April), Pat Fraley (Krang), and James Avery (Shredder) joined our party!


While a wonderful group interview was being conducted… Kevin Eastman Snuck in the door. Who said he could come to our party…at his house… 😛


There was a fantastic vibe from the whole thing, and even the members of the crew who weren’t turtle fans at the beginning of the day, were bleeding green by the end! Toward the end of the day, Peter Renaday (Splinter) and Cam Clarke (Leonardo) dropped by to have their say as well!



All in all, a fantastic day for not only myself, but for the voice cast and the TurtleDoc team as well! I don’t think any of us will ever forget this day! The TurtleDoc is coming, folks…And you’re going to be blown away!

Special thanks for this post go out to Isaac, Mark, Randal, Curtis, and Ashley! Go Green Machine!






More Interview's By Rutger

After seeing his interviews featured on GGM the other day, Rutger asked us to post up some additional interviews of his (Click the Pictures).

Also, Rutger’s EXTENSIVE TMNT Autograph collection can now be found in the new Collections link section. We will be adding staff and fan collections to that section by request. So by all means, REQUEST!