Party & Paper Retailer,v.XXIX NO.1 // “TURTLES RULE!” ..mailing cover (( January 2014 ))

Party & Paper Retailer,v.XXIX NO.1 // "TURTLES RULE!" ..alternate cover (( January 2014 ))

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** Party & Paper Retailer is a national multimedia business magazine and website that provides the latest products and trends for the party, Halloween, costume, balloon, bridal and celebrations industries.”

–>> This actually is a mailing-label ‘alternate cover’ .. a removable piece of paper gently applied to the regular cover of the magazine. The real cover has a “JAZZY JEZEBEL” on it; a lovely “flapper” girl in a semi-risque 1920s – style costume.

Rubie’s Costumes among other companies feature in the magazine. Rubie’s acquired the TMNT License a little over a year ago as you may have seen as recently as this past Halloween. They also feature this “HALLOWEEN & PARTY EXPO” trade-ad spread with all their current and upcoming licenses for costumes and the like.

Party & Paper Retailer,v.XXIX NO.1 // RUBIE'S COSTUME Co.;"ALL THE PIECES - " (( January 2014 ))

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Related notes ::

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: "MERRY MONTY CHRISTMOOSE" .. pencils by Bruce Hatten, colors & inks by Ryan Brown  (( 2013 ))

** THE TOYS THAT TIME FORGOT has announced Ryan Brown’s December Merry Monty Christmoose Contest WINNERS !!

  • They are:
    1st Prize – Original Monty Moose Artwork with COA
    James E. Brewer
  • 2nd Prize-Autographed Monty Moose action figure with COA
    Omar Rivera
  • 3rd Prize- signed print with COA
    Joshua Fletcher

All prizes will be shipped within the next couple weeks.


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This past Thursday; **KidROBOT released these teaser images via their ***facebook page ; so it would appear that KR has acquired the Nick TMNT license for  vinyl toys and the like to add too their diverse Designer Artist, comic, and T.V. show licenses.

tOkKustom :: "Marshall Moo Montana" ; KIDROBOT 'RAFFY' i  tOkKustom :: "OLD HOB" ; KIDROBOT 'TRIKKY'  xi / ..with  NECA 'Batsu ' - TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES

I’ll try to keep up with this as i can for you, for obvious reasons. Pretty exciting !!

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FREE COMIC BOOK DAY :: Promotional Bookmark (( 2013 ))

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY :: Promotional Bookmark (( 2013 ))

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Ralston Foods ” Spider-man Cereal ” :: ” New Spider-man Cereal Is Here. ” by Sal Buscema & Scott Koblish (( 1995 ))

Ralston Foods " Spider-man Cereal " :: " New Spider-man Cereal Is Here. " by Sal Buscema & Scott Koblish (( 1995 ))

–>> Before you think i’m jumping the gun hold -up.

I am using this as a follow up to the ** ‘ TMNT Cereal Sales Sample ‘ ::

This cereal WAS at one time the famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cereal. It was reincarnated in 1995 and recycled into Spider-Man Cereal.This was about 2 -3  years after the Turtles’ cereal was discontinued.

This breakfast cereal was marketed in conjunction with the immensely popular 1990s Spider-Man animated series ( -as you may recall ) that appeared on the old FOX KIDS at the time.

Exact same flavor and formula.. different licensee and marshmallow shape themes. Ralston turned the ‘CHEX-like’ Ninja Nets of the TMNT cereal into ‘Crispy Webs’ to represent Spidey’s sticky webbings .

It turned out in this rare case kids were eating the same cereal the whole time cuz it was just TMNT food with Spidey characteristics !!

It should be noted this was the first time ever that The Kingpin was ever featured as a Marshmallow piece for you chubby -marshmallow – chasers out there.

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures" #7 .. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Cereal" ad [[ Chow Down Dudes! ]] (( 1989 ))